BtHandwritePad (藍牙手寫板) enables your Android mobile phone to be a handwrite pad for Windows and Linux (Ubuntu 12.04, Fedora 17) PC. You can write on the phone and the recognized character will be sent to PC through Bluetooth. On PC, the received character will be sent to the current focus application (e.g. Notepad). The input method depends on the phone build-in IME, and is independent of language.
Please try the Free version (BtHandwritePadFree) before purchase the Pro version (BtHandwritePadPro).

Download PC Software

C# version
Windows® 8, 7 with Bluetooth connection

JavaTM version
Linux, Windows® 8, 7, Vista, 2000, XP with Bluetooth connection

v1.2.0.3: Fixed CR+LF ('\r + '\n) issue

v1.06: Supported Windows 8
v1.05: Supported Java 1.7 (64-bit) for Windows and Linux
v1.00: First release

Download Android Apps


PC Installation Guide

Pair Bluetooth device

User Manual





System requirements



Operation system:
Windows® 8, 7 Home Premium or above (for C# version)
Windows® 8, 7, Vista, 2000, XP (for Java 32/64-bit version)

AndroidTM version 2.2 or above

Windows® with bluetooth enabled

Screen size: minimum 320 x 240

C#: .Net Framework 4 (for more information, please refer to
Java: Java SE Runtime Environment 7 (

Build-in Chinese input method of handwrite recognition

Comparison between BtHandwritePadPro and BtHandwritePadFree version




Time limit


30 days

Number of character send






Tested devices
1. Samsung Gio (S5660)
2. Samsung Galaxy S II (I9100)

TM is a trademark of Oracle (
® is a trademark of Microsoft (
TM is a trademark of Google Inc (

PC Server Installation Guide
C# version

  1. Download,
    Extract to BtHandwritePadInstaller.exe.
    Double click “BtHandwritePadInstaller.exe”.

  1. An “User Account Control” dialog is shown.
    Input “Administrator” password and then click “Yes”

  1. Read End User License Agreement.
    Accept it by click “I Agree”

  1. Select “MS .NET Framework v4” and “BtHandwritePad”
    Click “Next”

  1. Select Destination Folder and click “Install”

  1. The “Completed” dialog is shown after Installation.
    Click “Close”.

  1. Read “PairBluetoothDevice” and “BtHandwritePadUserManual” for connecting to AndroidTM,
    Enjoy BtHandwritePad.

JavaTM version

  1. Download and Install JavaTM SE Runtime Environment version 6 (

  2. Download
    Extract to folder “BtHandwritePadServerJava”
    Double click “run.bat” or “BtHandwritePadServer.jar”

  3. For the first time user, please read End User License Agreement and click “I Agree”
    (Click “Disagree if you are not agree. The program will close automatically)

  4. Read “PairBluetoothDevice” and “BtHandwritePadUserManual” for connecting to AndroidTM,
    Enjoy BtHandwritePad.

Pair Bluetooth Devices

  1. Close all Bluetooth application(s) (e.g. BtHandwritePadServer) on PC.

  2. On Windows® 7 PC, turn-on Bluetooth (refer to your PC manual on how to turn-on Bluetooth).

  3. To start pairing, click “Start” menu:
    “Start” → “All Programs” → “Devices and Printers”

  1. On AndroidTM phone, turn-on Bluetooth,
    Run BtHandwritePadFree (or BtHandwritePadPro) APP.
    Click “Make discoverable” and then “Yes”

  2. On PC, Click “Add a device”

  3. Found device is shown on PC, select the bluetooth phone (e.g. GT-S5660) and click “Next”

  4. A PIN is shown on PC.

  5. Enter the PIN into dialog box on the phone,
    PC's name will be added to “Paired Devices” if successful.

  6. A confirmation is shown on PC, click “Close”

  1. Notice that PC may takes several minutes to install driver(s). Please wait for a while.
    Pairing is done for one time only.

  2. Bluetooth paring between the phone and PC is completed.
    Read “
    BtHandwritePadUserManual” for using BtHandwritePad ,
    Enjoy BtHandwritePad.

BtHandwritePad User Manual

  1. On Windows® 7 PC, turn-on Bluetooth (refer to your PC manual on how to turn-on Bluetooth).

  2. Start the PC server, click “Start” menu:
    “Start” → “All Programs” → “BtHandwritePad” → “BtHandwriteServer”

  3. The following screen is shown if Bluetooth is on.
    Run Notepad (or other applications on PC) for receive character.

  4. On AndroidTM phone, run BtHandwritePadFree or BtHandwritePadPro

  5. Click on the PC Server which is paired (refer to “PairBluetoothDevice” for how to pairing)
    A connecting dialog shows progress.

  6. Green lights are shown for successful connection. Screens on the phone and PC are as below:

  7. Connection between mobile phone and PC is established. You can write characters on the phone.

  8. The character input on the phone will be sent to PC server. PC server will send the character to the current active window (Notepad in this example).

    Enjoy BtHandwritePad.

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